spa in cartagenaExpertas masajistas inician a nuestros huéspedes en los "rituales" especialmente concebidos para completar la conversión del Palacete del Conde de Pestagua

Hotel Boutique Casa Pestagua’s Spa is available near to the pool area, where massage experts introduce our guests to the “rituals” specially created to completely turn the Count of Pestagua’s mansion into this heavenly setting that you will always want to return to.

Body Traetmens and Rituals

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Facial Treatmenst

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deep hydration and nutrition for all types of skin, soothing and rejuvenating treatment, it is recommended before or after sun exposure

Price: $110.000 IVA 19% included
Duration: 50 minutes


the beauty sublimation is the end of luxury for the facial skin, stimulates cellular metabolism, generating a lifting effect and reduces redness, ideal for stressed or mature skin.

Price: $220.000 IVA 19% included
Duration: 50 minutes.